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Peischl, S., Walker, J. P., Rüdiger, C., Ye, N., Kerr, Y. H., Kim, E., Bandara, R., and Allahmoradi, M.: The AACES field experiments: SMOS calibration and validation across the Murrumbidgee River catchment, Hydrology and Earth System Sciences, 16, 1697-1708, doi:10.5194/hess-16-1697-2012, 2012.

Experiment Overview

For the first AACES field campaign, AACES-1 (18 January to 21 February, 2010), 5 weeks were required to map the entire study transect once with coincident SMOS overpasses. Moreover, approximately 6 to 7 hours of flight time was required to cover each patch once, including a partial repeat of the first flight line and a partial overlap of the first flight line of the adjacent patch. Consequently, all flights were conducted such that they were centered on the 6am local overpass time of SMOS. All flights were operated out of Naranderra airport, while the ground crew systematically made their way across the catchment staying at Hay, Yanco, Gundagai and Yass, respectively. Intensive ground measurements were also conducted to coincide with SMOS overpass times as closely as practical. The core ground sampling activities described on the website were further supplemented with ground sampling by colleagues from CSIRO Land and Water, Griffith and from the Department of Natural Resources, Wagga Wagga.

Murrumbidgee Catchment

Source: GoogleEarth, accessed on 28th, Apr. 2010 (modified)

An overview of the AACES-1 campaign is provided in a KML file that can be opened by Google Earth software. All data collected during the AACES-1 can be downloaded via the Download Centre.

AACES-1 field campaign schedule

  : Transect flight   : Patch flight
  : Travelling    

Local Time Local Day Air crew Flight Ground crew SM Team Ground crew Veg Team
Type Patch Activity Patch Base Activity Patch Base
18.01.10 Mon Arrival at study area
19.01.10 Tue     Training 1 Hay Training 1 Hay
20.01.10 Wed T00 All Recon. Recon.
21.01.10 Thu        
22.01.10 Fri P01 1 Sampling Sampling
23.01.10 Sat     Recon. 2 Recon. 2
24.01.10 Sun        
25.01.10 Mon P02 2 Sampling Sampling
26.01.10 Tue     Recon. 3 Recon. 3
27.01.10 Wed        
28.01.10 Thu P03 3 Sampling Sampling
29.01.10 Fri     Recon. 4 Recon. 4
30.01.10 Sat P04 4 Sampling Sampling
31.01.10 Sun     Move to Yanco
01.02.10 Mon     Recon. 5 Yanco Recon. 5 Yanco
02.02.10 Tue T01 All Sampling Sampling
03.02.10 Wed        
04.02.10 Thu        
05.02.10 Fri     Recon. Recon.
06.02.10 Sat     Recon. 6 Recon. 6
07.02.10 Sun P05 5 Sampling 5 Sampling 5
08.02.10 Mon     Recon. 7 Recon. 7
09.02.10 Tue        
10.02.10 Wed P07 7 Sampling Sampling
11.02.10 Thu       Move to Gundagai
12.02.10 Fri P06 6 Sampling 6 Recon. 8 Gundagai
Move to Gundagai
13.02.10 Sat     Recon. 9 Gundagai Recon. 9
14.02.10 Sun        
15.02.10 Mon P08 8 Sampling 8 Sampling 8
16.02.10 Tue     Recon. 9 Recon. 9
Move to Yass
17.02.10 Wed     Recon. 10 Yass Recon. 10 Yass
18.02.10 Thu P09, P10 9, 10 Sampling 9,10 Sampling 10
19.02.10 Fri            
20.02.10 Sat T02 All Sampling 10 Sampling 10
21.02.10 Sun Return to Melbourne

Reconnaissance (Recon.):
Surface roughness measurements, gravimetric soil sampling, set up/removal of temporary monitoring stations

HDAS soil moisture measurements, LAI and ASD measurements, destructive vegetation/dew sampling, classification of land cover/canopy height/surface rock cover
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